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Why do car air purifiers use HEPA filters?

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-08

The HEPA filter is made of very fine organic fibers interwoven. It is continuously folded back and forth to form a wavy gasket to place and support the filter interface. It has a strong ability to capture particles, a small pore size, and a large adsorption capacity. , the expansion area is large, the purification efficiency is high, and it has the characteristics of water absorption. The purification rate for 0.3 micron particles is as high as 99.97% or more. It is an internationally recognized high-efficiency filter material. Therefore, its effect on filtering particulate matter is obvious. If it is used to filter cigarettes, the filtering effect can reach almost 100%, because the particulate matter in cigarettes is between 0.5 and 2 microns and cannot pass through the HEPA filter membrane.

The traditional electrostatic dust collection technology and negative ion dust removal technology can purify the air only when the car has enough output power, but the output power of the cars currently on the market is limited Yes, except for the more luxurious cars, there is enough output power. The HEPA filter is relatively simple, the main need for the ventilator to work normally, can ensure the air purification.

Electrostatic dust collection technology uses a bipolar flat plate to generate static electricity through high-voltage current pulses, collects particulate matter in the air through electrostatic purification, and ionizes the particulate matter through high-voltage corona current, so as to purify the air. In the same way, the negative oxygen ion air purifier for vehicles should also use high-voltage discharge to selectively ionize oxygen atoms in the air, ionize the air to generate negative ions and ozone, and then generate active oxygen to improve and adjust the air, Make the air fresher and more natural; so the car must have enough output power to ensure the generation of high-voltage current, thereby purifying the air.

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