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Where are HEPA filters mainly used?

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-11

As long as the HEPA filter is used to filter out organisms such as bacteria and viruses in the air, it can prevent and control the spread of related diseases caused by organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

Do you know where HEPA filters are generally used? The more common one is air conditioners. Many HEPA filters are used in air conditioners. Air conditioners should be available in every household, especially in hot weather. When the time comes, turn on the small air conditioner and eat a small watermelon, which is delicious.

The role of the HEPA filter is to filter out those bacteria in the air conditioner and bring us clean cold air. This is the role of the HEPA filter. Of course, it can not only be used in air conditioners. Above, equipment such as vacuum cleaners will also be used.

Remember that some manufacturers' filters cannot be washed with water. If you need to wash with water, you must ask the manufacturer if it can be washed with water, because many manufacturers are not washable.

Let me give you a point of knowledge about popular science.

HEPA filtration is divided into 4 forms: interception, gravity, airflow, van der Waals force.

1. The interception mechanism is the sieve commonly understood by everyone. Generally, large particles of 0.5μm and 10μm are intercepted by 'sieve'.

2. Under the influence of gravity, the speed of dust particles with small volume and high density decreases when they pass through HEPA, and they naturally settle in HEPA like sediment sinking to the bottom of a river.

3. The filter mesh is unevenly woven to form a large number of air vortices, and small particles are adsorbed on HEPA under the action of the airflow cyclone.

4. The ultrafine particles do Brownian motion and hit the HEPA fiber layer and are purified under the influence of van der Waals force. For example, virus carriers below 0.3 μm are purified under the influence of this force.

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