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What role does HEPA filter play in the fresh air system?

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-11

What role does the HEPA filter play in the fresh air system? With the development of science and technology, there is a new concept of healthy life, and the term fresh air system has also attracted much attention.

So what is a fresh air system? What role does hepa filter play in the fresh air system? The fresh air system is composed of fans, air inlets, air outlets and various pipes and joints. The fan installed in the ceiling is connected to a series of exhaust ports through pipes, the fan starts, and the indoor polluted air is discharged to the outside through the exhaust port and the fan, so that a negative pressure is formed in the room, and the outdoor fresh air is installed on the window frame. The air inlet above (between the window frame and the wall) enters the room, and the automatic cycle timing switch is used to control the cycle time of the new fan (it can save energy, avoid 24-hour operation, and effectively ensure the life of the fan), so that indoor personnel can breathe high. Quality fresh air.

At present, many fresh air system brands will claim that their products use multiple filtration technologies in their publicity, but the primary filter can only filter out large particles and flying flocs, and the activated carbon filter can deodorize and absorb bacteria. , but can't help with fine particles. At present, there are only two core filtration technologies: 1. High-efficiency air filter screen 2. Electrostatic dust removal.

Although the above two are relatively good filtering modes, electrostatic precipitator is still controversial. Because it is an indisputable fact that electrostatic precipitator will generate ozone, once the ozone concentration exceeds the standard, it will cause harm to the human body. Therefore, there are not many electrostatic precipitators used in fresh air systems. Most of the fresh air systems use hepa filter technology. The filtration level of the hepa filter screen pair can reach 0.3 microns, the filtration accuracy of one pass can reach 99.99%, and the cost of raw materials is not high. However, the high-efficiency air filter filter screen is a consumable and needs to be replaced by the user regularly. The general replacement cycle depends on the local air pollution situation. Hepa filter plays a vital role in the fresh air system.

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