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What is a Cooker Hood Filter ?

What is a Cooker Hood Filter ?


What is a Cooker Hood Filter?

Cooker hood filters are designed to filter out all those particles and debris that are naturally released when cooking.

They can be made from a range of different materials like ceramic, fleece, carbon or charcoal, cooker hood filters and are important for the health of your cooker hood as the released grease would otherwise build up inside the hood.

In order to save yourself mechanical and financial headaches in the future, there are a couple different types of cooker hood filters to familiarise yourself with:

Cooker Hood Grease Filters

A grease filter is attached to every extractor hood and are usually made from a metal like aluminium or steel, although some can be ceramic or fabric. Stay on top of the cleaning to get the most out of your grease filter. If left too long it will affect your cooker hood’s performance.

Cooker Hood Charcoal Filters

If your kitchen has a recirculation cooker hood, then your cooker hood will use a charcoal filter to extract grease from the air. They take the air that has been filtered from grease and then purify it further before it’s pumped back into the room. Charcoal filters are not standardised either, so check that the manufacturer of your cooker hood is able to provide replacement recirculation filters.

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