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What are the classifications of the filter of the air purifier?

What are the classifications of the filter of the air purifier?

  1. Pre Filter

    The front screen is the latest development of micron mesh dust filter net, mesh area is smaller than the general, in addition to adsorption of small dust particles, but also effectively remove hair. Surface purification after fluoro treatment, attached to the dust on the surface of the screen can be more convenient to clean.

  2. Activated Carbon Filter

    Activated carbon is a black amorphous granular or fine powder. In air purifier products, generally exist in the form of granular. Activated carbon particles have a large surface area, the whole body is filled with rich micropores, its chemical characteristics determine its strong adsorption capacity, and can fully contact with gas, that is, has a large adsorption capacity, can easily adsorb benzene, toluene, xylene and carbon tetrachloride and other harmful gases. When these gases are adsorbed by micropores, they play a purification role. However, after reaching the saturation state, this kind of filter will also release the harmful substances adsorbed, causing secondary pollution of the environment. Therefore, in the process of using air purifier products, we must regularly replace the catalytic activated carbon adsorption layer filter.

  3. Dust collection filter (HEPA filter)

    The HEPA stands for The High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter. The HEPA Filter consists of a stack of subfiberglass membranes that fold consecutively back and forth, forming a wavy spacer that holds and supports the Filter boundary. HEPA is internationally recognized as the best efficient filter material. Originally HEPA was used in nuclear energy research and protection, but now it is widely used in precision laboratories, pharmaceutical production, atomic research and surgical operations where high cleanliness is required. HEPA is made of very fine organic fibers, which has a strong ability to capture particles, small pore size, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and water absorption. The cleaning rate of 0.3 micron particles is 99.97%.


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