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The use range and cleaning and maintenance of the formaldehyde filter

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-02-20

The formaldehyde removal filter is a filter specially used to filter formaldehyde. Usually, it cannot be used alone, but must be installed in other equipment to filter and absorb formaldehyde in the air. Some composite high-efficiency formaldehyde removal filters not only have the function of efficiently absorbing formaldehyde, but also can filter out other volatile organic compounds in an instant, and can also effectively filter allergens and bacteria.

Scope of use:

Formaldehyde removal filters are mainly used in air conditioners, air purifiers and other products, suitable for various formaldehyde filtration and adsorption requirements, and the adsorption efficiency is usually 90 % or more, of course, these are purely theoretical data detected in the laboratory. In the actual use process, due to the design of the purifier itself, air tightness, air flow and other factors will affect the purification effect of the product, and the actual use effect varies widely.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Formaldehyde removal filter is a consumable product and cannot be recycled under normal circumstances, but it can prolong its service life through effective maintenance and cleaning methods, such as cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner Visible dust and other dirt on the surface, or use a hair dryer to keep it dry (this method is only effective for activated carbon filters and composite high-efficiency formaldehyde removal filters). Regular removal and drying in the sun will also have a certain protective effect on the product, but the grid stripes must be kept perpendicular to the ground when placing, so that dust and other impurities in the cracks can fall.

It is worth noting that: Never use water or other liquid detergents, which will greatly shorten the life of the product.

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