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The principle and characteristics of air purifier filter

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-02-28

Do you have a certain understanding of the air purifier filters that are widely used in our daily life and work? Do you have a certain understanding of their filtering principles? Only by understanding these basic knowledge, will you be more aware of the use of air equipment Handy! So today we will introduce the filtering principle of air filter equipment in detail for you.

I. Collision and adhesion

Many dust particles in the air are inertial or irregular with the airflow, and some are subjected to some kind of field force. When moving particles hit an obstacle, van der Waals forces exist on their surface that cause them to stick together.

Second, the filter material of the fiber

The usual filter material should have the characteristics of effectively blocking dust particles without causing resistance to the airflow, and the filter material made of non-woven fibers is just right. This requirement is met, because the fibers will constitute many barriers to dust and help the smooth passage of air flow.

Three, the principle of inertia

Contaminants with large particles usually make inertial movements in the airflow, and the airflow will detour when it encounters obstacles. The larger the particle, the inertial force. The stronger it is, the greater the ability to hit obstacles, and thus the better the filtering effect.

Fourth, the principle of diffusion

Small particles of pollutants usually have random Brownian motion, and we can use the 'diffusion' method when dealing with irregular motion. Theoretically, the smaller the particle, the more violent the random motion, the chance of hitting obstacles will naturally increase, and the filtering effect will be better.

Five, resistance

The fiber will make the airflow detour, and then a small resistance will occur, and the resistance of many fibers together constitutes the resistance of the filter, and the resistance will also It keeps increasing as the airflow increases. Therefore, we can choose to increase the area of u200bu200bthe filter material to reduce the wind speed passing through the filter material, and then reduce the resistance of the filter.

6. Dynamic performance

Usually the captured dust will have corresponding resistance to the airflow, so when the filter is used, the resistance will gradually increase, and the captured dust will be different from the filter. The media will merge into one, forming a new obstacle, and the efficiency of filtration will be slightly improved at this time.

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