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The performance and characteristics of air filter equipment

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-02-24

Nowadays, with the development of industry, air filtration equipment is an indispensable equipment in our life, and it is used more and more widely with its characteristics. At this time, as long as we have a better understanding of the overall performance of the equipment and the characteristics when it is used, we can better improve the effect of the air filtration equipment.

1. The performance of the air filter

1. The shape of the equipment is very diverse, so it can be installed smoothly in different environments;

2. The equipment has a large amount of pollutants, a large effective filtration area, and the process of sewage discharge can be completed at one time without secondary cleaning;

3. The equipment has good independence and can complete self-cleaning throughout the process. process without the need for worker processing.

2. Analysis of the characteristics of the air filter

1. The structure of the equipment is very simple and the installation is convenient;

2. The time for the equipment to be used for anti-cleaning Short, large flow, small pressure loss;

3. The equipment completes an intelligent system that can be controlled, and the degree of automation is also very high;

4. The equipment can complete and center The connection of the control system;

5. The filtration precision is high, and the water quality of the effluent is stable;

6. The filter screen of the equipment can be used for life and does not need to be replaced;

7. The equipment is suitable for different raw water quality and water requirements;

8. There are few wearing parts in the equipment, almost no consumables, low operating costs, and very simple operation.

It can be seen that the high-efficiency filter equipment is a device that uses the high-efficiency filter in it to directly intercept impurities. The primary purpose is to purify the air quality and protect other equipment in the system to operate normally. Because the equipment adopts intelligent design, the system can automatically identify the accumulation degree of impurities, and send a signal to the sewage valve according to the accumulation degree, and then it can automatically discharge sewage. Another feature of this device is that it can complete active cleaning and sewage, and the system will not continuously provide air when cleaning and sewage.

This is the performance and many features of the high-efficiency filter equipment we introduce to you, from which we can find that the scope of application of this high-efficiency filter equipment is still very wide, and there is still a rising trend .

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