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The manufacturer tells you the use and cleaning of the air filter

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-03

Now we use air filters in many aspects of our daily life, so I should know about their use and cleaning methods, so that I can use this type of equipment in the future. Today I will introduce you to the specific use and cleaning of the equipment!

In fact, many of the air filtration equipment currently in use have already treated the filter material in it before leaving the factory, and we can install and use it without the need for treatment. Now, pay attention to some common sense of the device when using it.

1. Do not leave the filter device open in the air to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the device;

2 , The equipment should be stored in a well-sealed container before installation, and it is best to place a dehumidifier in the container;

Third, only before the installation of equipment Pull out the sealing plug;

Fourth, when the equipment is being welded, it should be ensured that the heat of the molecular sieve inside the equipment will not rise above 700℃.

After reading the four issues that need attention in use, let's take a look at the cleaning and protection needs of the equipment!

1. Close the pump in the equipment;

2. Set the operating parameters of the backwash valve;

3. Open the flushing valve;

4. Roll the pump back and forth to make it run for at least two minutes;

5. Close the pump in the equipment;

6. Set the valve to enter the 'flushing' condition;

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7. Close the pump again;

8. Set the valve to enter the state of 'backwash>

Nine, repeat the above process, set to enter the 'flushing' state;

Ten, finally set the valve to enter the 'filtering' state, the entire The cleaning process is complete.

The above is about the use and cleaning methods of the air filter, from the analysis of these included key points, there are some skills to grasp the specific details, in the usual air As long as you pay more attention when using the filter, you will be more handy when you encounter such equipment in the future.

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