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The manufacturer introduces you to the multi-purpose activated carbon filter

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-03

With the continuous construction of urbanization, all kinds of pollution have been threatening the health of people. We must solve these problems in the modernization construction. At this time, the appearance of activated carbon filter can effectively solve these problems, let us Learn about air activated carbon filters from all aspects.

I. The meaning of technical terms

1. Adsorption capacity: For the gas that needs to be filtered, the maximum capacity that can be adsorbed by a unit of activated carbon particles is called 'adsorption capacity'. The adsorption capacity of different materials is also different;

2. Residence time: that is, the time when the airflow passes through the activated carbon layer. The longer the residence time, the better the adsorption effect and the more abundant the adsorption area. ;

3. Service life: The activated carbon material can be used for the longest period, and the new activated carbon material will continuously reduce the power during use. When the concentration of harmful substances contained in the equipment is close to the allowable range, The service life of the equipment will expire;

4. Selectivity: Generally speaking, gases with large air average molecular weight or high boiling point are easier to be adsorbed, and volatile organic gases are also smaller than inorganic gases. Molecular gases are easier to adsorb, chemisorption is more selective than physical adsorption... These different conditions are used selectively.

Second, matters needing attention when selecting

1. When selecting, the first thing to pay attention to is several factors that affect the adsorption efficiency of activated carbon, such as the type and concentration of pollutants, the air flow. Temperature, pressure, relative humidity, etc; 3. By detecting the change in the concentration of pollutants before and after the filter, it can be judged whether the activated carbon should be replaced; Changes in weight to determine whether the service life of the equipment has expired.

Three, the adsorption principle of the equipment

1. Generally speaking, activated carbon materials selectively adsorb gases instead of mechanically filtering;

2. We all know that the surface of activated carbon contains a large number of micropores, and the total inner and outer area of u200bu200bthe micropores per unit material is called 'specific surface area'. The larger the specific surface area, the better the adsorption effect;

3. At the time of adsorption, we call harmful gases in the air 'adsorbentsAdsorption, and vice versa, is physical adsorption.

Four. Filter materials used in the equipment

1. Activated carbon materials can generally be divided into granular carbon, fiber carbon, etc.;

2. The use of fiber activated carbon It is very extensive, it is made of carbon-containing organic fibers, and is characterized by small pore size, large adsorption capacity, and fast regeneration.

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