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The function and characteristics of central air conditioning filter

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-09

In the densely populated airports, large shopping malls and high-end office buildings, the only equipment that can protect our breathing is the large central air-conditioning filter equipment. So what are the functions and features of this device? The following will give you a detailed introduction:

1. Usually low cost

Most of the equipment adopts a design without a partition, which can achieve the highest filtering effect with the smallest resistance, and then The cost of operation is reduced, and the distance between each pleated layer also ensures the passage of the best airflow, which greatly increases the dust holding capacity of the equipment, and the filter material is also fully used.

Second, the shape saves space

The equipment is composed of waterproof and flame-proof glass fiber materials, and there are sprayed protective nets on both the air inlet and outlet surfaces. The effect is to protect the filter paper from damage, and at the same time to make the equipment lighter in weight, more compact in structure, and easy to install.

Three, a wide range of applications

Each equipment must pass a strict test before leaving the factory to ensure that the required quality requirements are met. The emphasis in the test is not the test of the sample Instead, it is tested one by one. In this way, each device sold can play the best performance, and it can be used successfully to make it more widely used.

Next, let's take a closer look at the effect of this device:

1. Kill harmful molds, fungi, etc. in the air, which can effectively prevent the onset of colds, asthma and other diseases ;

2. It has a very good adsorption and elimination effect on dust and smoke in the air, and also has a good eradication effect on various types of fumes;

3. There are also special functions for decoration pollution settings, which can effectively eliminate harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene;

4. Capture suspended particles in the air, absorb dust, and clean very easily;

5. Using the multi-functional filter layer design, combined with international patented technology, the filtering power is as high as 99.99%;

6. The ultra-long wavelength is easily absorbed by the organism and eliminates potential dangers;

7. If you want to make the air healthier, you cannot ignore the effect of negative ions. Using this device can make the air feel as fresh as a forest.

We will introduce the differences of central air conditioning filter equipment to you here, which is enough to see the high efficiency of this equipment, so it can be widely used in many public places, in order to ensure Our breath makes a devotion.

Meville will introduce you to the features and functions of the central air-conditioning filter here. After a detailed introduction, I believe that you also understand the advantages of this device, so it is widely used. If you want to know more, you can inquire about wholesale.

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