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The development of air filters

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-02-25

With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the idea of u200bu200benvironmental protection is also constantly strengthened, and air quality has gradually entered the public's field of vision, so I thought of the necessity of developing air filters. Nowadays, many air filters are indispensable equipment in our industrial production and daily life, but there are still some small problems in the development that need to be solved!

1. The technical core of the air filter that needs to be improved

1. The primary effect filter cannot choose to use oil-immersed equipment;

2. The medium effect The filter should be installed in the positive pressure section of the air conditioning system;

3. When the high-efficiency filter and sub-high-efficiency filter are installed, it needs to be placed at the end of the clean room;

4 , Medium-efficiency, sub-efficiency, and high-efficiency air filters should be selected according to the additional air volume required by production;

5. The equipment near the resistance and efficiency in the air filter should be set in the same space;

6. The installation of the high-efficiency filter must be based on convenience and reliability, and it is easy for subsequent leak detection and replacement.

Second, the future development direction of air filters

1. In the future, the equipment using glass fiber as the filter medium is still the dominant in the whole system, not only providing high-efficiency membrane filters, but also It can also be used normally in harsh environments;

2. The development of high temperature resistant filter equipment will be more and more powerful, because the equipment mainly based on metal fibers and ceramic fibers has been widely used;

3. The development of air filters will be globalized in the near future.

The above are the areas where the air filter equipment needs to be improved and the future development direction. If you master these two aspects, you can develop very well, and our air filter will be better used. Usually pay more attention to the use of equipment, and the areas that need to be improved should be improved in time.

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