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The characteristics and uses of the primary air filter

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-07

The air filter is divided into four types: initial efficiency, medium efficiency, sub-high efficiency and high efficiency. According to the size of the air volume, different numbers of air filters are installed in a pipeline. Filter out dust particles from the indoor air. To achieve high quality indoor air.

Characteristics of the primary air filter:

1. The filter material in the equipment is 100% synthetic fiber, and the average efficiency is about 30% to 35%;

2. The filter material adheres the metal mesh to the end of the air outlet to prevent vibration;

3. The outer frame of the filter mesh is made of a sturdy, moisture-proof cardboard frame to ensure that it will not be deformed, cracked, Twisted;

4. The filtering part is made of discounted filter material, which increases the filtering area and reduces the resistance of the filter screen.

Use of primary air filter:

1. Fresh air unit and ventilation system of central air conditioner;

2. Program-controlled switchboard and dedicated constant temperature for computer room Constant humidity air conditioning unit;

3. Painting system, pre-filtering air compressor for painting workshop and pre-filtering system for gas turbine;

4. Pre-filtering system for high-efficiency filter;

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5. Pre-filtration of centralized ventilation systems in office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, and general industrial plants or clean rooms.

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