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Several steps to choose an air purifier

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-06

First of all, the environment of use and the effect to be achieved should be considered. General indoor air pollution is: 1. Allergens such as dust, viruses, bacteria, molds and mites; 2. Inhalable organic volatile gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc.; 3. Radon gas released from strata and building decoration materials and radioactive contamination caused by its progeny. Therefore, when choosing air purification products, their functions and effects should be comprehensively considered.

Secondly, the purification capacity of the air purifier should be considered. If the room is larger, you should choose an air purifier with a larger air volume per unit time. Generally speaking, larger purifiers have stronger purification capabilities. For example, a 30-square-meter room should choose an air purifier with a capacity of 120 cubic meters per hour. When purchasing, you can refer to the sample or the introduction in the manual to choose.

Third, the service life of the purifier should be considered and whether maintenance is easy. If some products use the purifier with the principle of filtration, adsorption and catalysis, with the increase of use time, the filter inside the device tends to be saturated with the air purifier, and the purification capacity of the equipment decreases, and the filter screen and filter bladder need to be cleaned and replaced. Purification filters with regeneration ability (including high-efficiency catalytic activated carbon) should be selected to prolong the service life; some electrostatic products do not need to replace the relevant modules, as long as they are cleaned regularly.

Fourth, the pattern of the room and the matching of the purifier should be comprehensively considered. The design of the inlet and outlet air of the air purifier has a 360-degree annular design and one-way design.

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