Blue Sky Filter is a professional air filter supplier and car air filter manufacturer in China since 2009.


pocket filters

Bag Filter Replacements with Pockets

High Quality Internal Bag Filter Replacement Captures Up to 91% of 5-Micron Particles and Up to 99% of 5-Micron Particles, Providing you with Exceptional Protection Against Airborne Allergens and other Similar Threats.

Built to Last - Aside From its Excellent Dust Holding Capacity, this Premium-Grade Bag Filter Replacement is Also Expertly Built with Super Durable and Rust-Resistant Materials Like Galvanized Steel to Make it Last a Long, Long Time.

Fits Air Conditioning Ventilation System and Coarse and Subtle Dust Filtration

Such as Electronic,Biological Pharmaceutical,Mechanical Instrument,

Petrochemical,Light Industry and Food Manufacturing Industries.

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