Blue Sky Filter is a professional air filter supplier and car air filter manufacturer in China since 2009.




As a professional manufacturer of air filtering products with ISO9001 and ISO14001  in China, Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co., Ltd. Produces and supplies the following items:


1. Dust bags / air filters for the vacuum cleaners.

2. Air filters for the air purifiers / air scrubbers / humidifiers / dehumidifiers

3. Grease Air Filters for Kitchen Cooker Hoods

4. Odor / Smell Absorb Air Filters for Refrigerators

5. Air filters for motors and automobiles

6. Advanced air filters for medical appliances

7. Prefilter + HEPA filters for HVAC and any other usages, such as V-bank HEPA Filters

8. Air Filters and filter bags for the industrial machines and equipment as the replacements


Our air filters are various with different shapes and materials according to the customer's specifications and requirements.


And the efficiency grade is from low to HEPA 14 grade (MERV 19) according to EN779, EN1822 and ASHRAE.

And our technical department is ready to develop any new air filter item for residential, commercial and industrial use.


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