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Ninety percent of people don't know the importance of changing the purifier filter?

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-03

The secondary pollution caused by the air purifier filter 'holding dirt and dirt' is far more harmful than harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Particulate pollutants, oil stains, bacteria, and molds are waiting to grow on the filter screen, and they have been seriously blackened over time. They are no longer a net to protect respiratory health, but become invisible killers that curb life!

The victims of indoor air pollution are children, pregnant women, the elderly and chronic patients, especially children are more vulnerable to indoor pollution than adults. Children's bodies are growing, their breathing volume is nearly 1/2 higher than adults' body weight, and they live indoors most of the time, and they are not easily aware of pollution damage. When the problem is found, it is irreversible.

Especially long-term exposure and inhalation of mold can cause respiratory diseases and allergic symptoms, such as bronchitis, tonsillitis, hay fever, asthma, etc. People with low immunity may also cause headaches and fever. , skin or mucous membrane inflammation, poisoning, or produce carcinogenic substances; cause fungal pneumonia and other diseases; allergic diseases. The well-known American media 'Business Week' and 'Newsweek' pointed out that mold will not only release allergic substances and cause allergies, but some highly toxic molds can even cause serious lung lesions and even death.

The primary filter can be disassembled, rinsed and cleaned, and then reused. It not only maintains the purification efficiency, but also prolongs the cycle of changing the filter screen, which is simple, convenient and economical! But be careful not to directly or indirectly beat or vigorously vibrate the filter screen, so as not to damage the structure of the filter screen and hinder the filtering function.

The special filter for aldehyde removal has a lifespan, and each aldehyde removal core has a filter replacement reminder. Although the filter of the air purifier has a relatively long service life, in actual life, the replacement time and frequency of the filter, the length of the standby time, the quality of the air, and even the climate characteristics of the region. are all related.

Under the condition of low air quality, the frequency of use and standby time of the air purifier will be longer, the pollutants will also be more, and the workload of the filter will be heavier, so it is recommended to shorten the replacement. cycle to ensure truly assured breathing health. I can't wait for the filter to become the main source of pollution, I don't know yet.

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