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Is electrostatic dust collection and HEPA filter better for dust removal?

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-02-19

Compared with the HEPA filter, the advantages of electrostatic dust collection are that the equipment has lower resistance, no consumables, and a longer service life. However, due to the high-voltage power generation, the dust is charged, and the risk of ozone generation is unavoidable in the process. Understand that ozone can actually be controlled.

HEPA filter is the most commonly used high-efficiency filter material for air pollution. Filtration efficiency, the particle size of bacteria is generally 0.5~5μm, but the pore size of the HEPA filter will inevitably encounter greater resistance in purification, the equipment needs to be equipped with a motor with higher power to overcome the resistance, so that the purifier The device may be larger, and the mute control will be more difficult. The other is that the HEPA filter achieves purification by adsorbing particulate matter. Therefore, after a period of use, when the dust holding rate is saturated, it needs to be replaced. If the replacement is not timely, it is easy to cause secondary pollution of the indoor environment. This needs our attention, and the replacement of the filter will also increase the cost of use. Generally, the filter should be replaced every 6 months, and the cost is about 200-500 yuan.

What needs to be added is that the quality of the air cannot be fundamentally solved by conventional purifiers alone. Sufficient, fresh and clean oxygen content is more important. In a place with relatively clean air, it can greatly reduce the breeding of various bacteria and molds. Therefore, it is recommended that you, if conditions permit, consider installing a fresh air system with purification function, which is the best solution to air quality problems!

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