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Introduction to chemical filters

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-05

1. Chemical module, cylindrical and replaceable plate air filters

The combination of chemical modules, cylindrical and replaceable plate air filters provides a more comprehensive pressure drop range and Removal efficiency

The high-quality sealing design inside the filter system prevents leakage

In ordinary HVAC systems, a variety of product types can replace various plate filters in the original system

Increased technology for upgrades

Patented filtration technology extends the replacement cycle of chemical filters

2, chemical filter media and catalysts

Chemical filter media and catalysts provide high-efficiency filtration for the effective removal of molecular-level pollutants (AMC) in the air

It is widely used and can be used to filter different target gases

Can accurately analyze the remaining service life

Easy to handle after use

Adopt non-polluting environmental technology

Chemical filter media greatly satisfies high-capacity industrial It is also suitable for applications such as nanotechnology, applications under critical conditions in operating rooms and other applications that are closely related to life.

3. Front entry frame FAH

Integrated with advanced sealing technology Front entry frame is easier to update

Front entry frame

Can be retrofitted within existing AHU systems

Sturdy frame construction

Provide space for mounting plate and embedded modules

Provide built-in air filter section

4, self-purification circulating RU and positive pressure filtration system PRU

Suitable for indoor use or installed outdoors after special protection

No special pipes or devices are required for installation

Advanced structure and features, easy to integrate and coordinate with indoor structure


Combined with AAF sound insulation and anti-vibration technology

Integrated flow change, performance and intelligent control operation have good energy saving effect

5. Side entry filter system SAH< /p>

Easy to fit into existing duct designs in HVAC systems

Rated sizes available to match individual duct designs and filtration needs

Utilizes HEPA technology

Provide as flexible multi-segment filtering as possible in a unified whole.

6. Deep bed filtration system DBS

Deep bed system is suitable for the most challenging places filled with a large number of particulate pollutants and molecular pollutants, the system is a heavy-duty machine And has a larger volume of filter material

can be used as a deep bed adsorber

can be used as a deep bed scrubber

remove particulate pollutants and harmful gases in the air

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