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Installation of HEPA filter

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-10

1. The installation environment should be kept horizontal, and the corners should be arranged according to the actual situation;

2. The equipment itself is light and easy to install;

3. The water outlet pipe is a standard flange or threaded connection, which is fixedly supported and cannot be supported by the valve body;

5. When the equipment is running, flushing water needs to be discharged, so it is necessary to set up a floor drain or a drain;

6. The salt water tank in the equipment should be as close to the softening tank as possible, the shorter the better. Good;

7. The sewage pipe of the equipment should not exceed 5m, the outlet should not be higher than the valve body, and the fewer elbows, the better;

8. Install electrical outlets on the wall and install fuses.

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