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Improper use of air filters can also pollute the environment

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-02-26

Air filtration equipment is an indispensable equipment in our life. As a device for filtering pollution, improper use will also cause more serious pollution. The following will introduce the correct use of the equipment.

According to the analysis of the primary pollution in the indoor environment, there are several sources: first, pollution from smoking, oil fume, dust from cleaning and pet dander; second, the impact of outdoor pollution on indoor; third, Periodic pollution, that is, the pollution that we use more air conditioners today.

Especially in summer and winter, the air conditioner continues to run for a long time, and most of the doors and windows are locked at this time. In such a relatively closed space, the air conditioner has not been carefully cleaned. Once the wind blows out, the pollutants in it are easily released and circulate continuously indoors. Since most home air conditioners do not have fresh air function, that is, there is no fan that can bring fresh outdoor air into the room, or discharge the turbid indoor air to the outside, so during the continuous operation of the air conditioner, the turbid air cannot be eliminated. Fresh air cannot be delivered, which will eventually lead to the continuous activity of various bacterial dusts indoors. Once we inhale these fine particles, it will have very adverse effects on health.

From relevant inquiries, we can see that nearly 60% of the citizens have never cleaned the air conditioner, and 40% of the citizens only remove the filter for cleaning when cleaning, and almost no one It will clean the air conditioner fins that easily accumulate bacteria. Experts here tell us that the heat sink, as one of the core components in the air conditioner, plays the role of heat and cold exchange. In addition to the dirt and dust that we can see with the naked eye, it also easily breeds many germs, such as mold, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus, etc. Especially in summer, when we turn on the air conditioner, we will lock the doors and windows indoors, resulting in the indoor air not being able to circulate effectively for a long time, and the bacteria are more likely to multiply, and it is easy to enter our body through the air-conditioning wind. disease is caused by this.

So if we want to truly solve the problem of indoor air conditioning pollution, we must first do a good job of cleaning. The pollution of air conditioning is still the pollution of heat sinks, but dismantling the heat sinks is not a problem. This simple task is as difficult as assembling an air conditioner from scratch, which is basically impossible for ordinary users to complete. Due to its special structure, it cannot be completely removed by scrubbing with a damp cloth or brush, and it is also easily damaged.

So what is the easiest way? That is to buy professional air conditioner disinfectants through regular channels, clean the filter first when cleaning the air conditioner, and use the air conditioner while the filter is drying. The disinfectant cleans and disinfects the heat sink. Such a simple method, we can easily do it at home.

As for the air conditioner disinfectant, it is simply sprayed to split the dust, bacteria, etc. adsorbed on the heat sink, and the condensed water generated after the air conditioner is started will be taken outdoors. Especially when the air conditioner is used in a seasonal change, we must use the disinfection heat sink before starting the machine. Even in daily use, we must disinfect it once a month, so that the health of our air conditioner can be guaranteed.

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