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Important things to look out for with air purifiers

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-02-19

Fast purification: At the beginning of the operation of the air purifier, it is recommended to run the air purifier in the Z high air volume gear for at least 30 minutes, and then adjust it to other gears to achieve the effect of rapid air purification.

Purification of pollution: When using an air purifier to remove outdoor air pollutants, it is recommended to keep the doors and windows in a relatively sealed state as much as possible to avoid the reduction of the purification effect caused by a large amount of indoor and outdoor air circulation. For long-term use, attention should be paid to periodic ventilation.

Renovation and purification: If it is used to purify indoor gaseous pollution (such as formaldehyde, stupid, toluene, etc.) after decoration, it is recommended to use it after effective ventilation.

Guaranteed effect: Regularly replace or clean the filter to ensure the purification effect of the air purifier, and at the same time avoid the secondary discharge of pollutants adsorbed by the failed filter.

Long-term unused: Before turning on the air purifier that has not been used for a long time, check the cleanliness of its inner wall and filter status, do the corresponding cleaning work, and replace the filter if necessary.

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