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Important Factors Affecting Air Filter Supply

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-06

With the continuous development of various industries in our society, the pollution of the environment is becoming more and more serious. In the face of such a situation, it is more important to choose a professional air filter manufacturer for purchase! In the supply of these equipment, we must pay special attention to some factors that affect the normal operation of the purification equipment system, so what are the factors after all? Now let our technical staff to analyze it for you!

We all know that the composition of the purification equipment system used in the industry is very complex, the equipment is very diverse, and the pipelines also have a certain degree of concealment, which makes the use of the entire system under certain pressure. The following factors can be summarized:

1. The quality of system planning and equipment selection is not good enough, including improper selection of system methods, unreasonable planning, unsuitable equipment selection, and mismatched capacity and so on;

2. The quality of the primary equipment and auxiliary equipment, whether the quality of each product meets the relevant technical specifications, whether the technical parameters meet the application specifications, etc.;

3. Equipment debugging of equipment, including whether the manufacture of pipelines, equipment, etc. are carried out in accordance with the relevant national standards, and reach certain standards;

4. The use and operation quality of equipment are in our Whether the use and operation of the equipment are carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures; quality assurance issues, including whether the maintenance process is carried out according to the plan, whether the repair is completed, whether the spare parts are replaced, whether the fault is eliminated in time, etc.;

7. The nature of the management personnel, the professional management team members Whether the technical level and sense of responsibility are satisfied with the requirements of the position;

8. Whether the formulation of the management system, whether the formulation of professional rules and regulations is scientific, reasonable, correct and perfect, and whether it is pertinent;

9. The operating environment mainly refers to whether the temperature and humidity in the working environment of the equipment are reasonable, and whether the outdoor equipment is protected from wind and rain;

10. The sophistication of new products and new technologies, if the If a new product or new technology is selected in the system, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is sophisticated and whether its application is standardized.

Among the primary influencing factors we introduce to you, the first three factors are innate and cannot be controlled by ordinary managers; mastered, so we need to use it correctly.

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