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How to maintain the air purifier filter

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-02-28

Air purifier filter

The common first layer of filter inside the air purifier is a pre-filter in the shape of a large air-conditioning filter, which can pre-filter such as hair, pet hair, etc. Large particle pollutants. However, when it is used for a long time, a certain amount of dust will accumulate, which will affect the air intake and the effect of air purification, so it needs to be cleaned in time.


1. The pre-filter is generally cleaned 1-2 times a month. The filter can be removed when cleaning, and the dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner or a rag. Clean it away. If the manufacturer indicates that the filter can be washed with water, after washing it with clean water, it needs to be dried or dried with a hair dryer before being loaded into the air purifier.

2. Filters using HEPA technology cannot be washed unless otherwise specified. However, under the current situation of severe indoor air pollution in China, the lifespan of HEPA filters is generally only 3. Months are even shorter, which means that HEPA filters need to be replaced frequently. Although the replacement cost of the HEPA filter is relatively high, and cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner can also prolong its service life to a certain extent, if the surface of the HEPA filter, which is generally white, tends to be black, in order to ensure the air filtration effect and health, it is recommended to or replace it as soon as possible.

3. In terms of maintenance of the activated carbon filter, although it needs to be replaced frequently to avoid adsorption saturation, it can also be taken out regularly and placed in the sun to expose to the sun to maintain its purification effect and prolong its service life.

When there is a lot of dust on the fan blade, you can use a long brush to remove the dust on it. Generally speaking, it can be maintained once every six months. For the cleaning and maintenance method of the dust/odor sensor, it is recommended to refer to the instructions in the product manual.

4. Before using the air purifier for the first time, pay attention to choosing a suitable place in the room to place it according to actual needs. When placing it, ensure that the air purifier is placed stably, and at the same time, ensure that the air inlet and outlet are unobstructed, and then keep it at room temperature. Leave it for half an hour under conditions and then turn it on for use.

After Z, when the air purifier is not in use, it should be thoroughly cleaned and put into the packaging box, and stored in a ventilated and dry place.

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