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How to Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner?

How to Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner?


If your vacuum cleaner hasn't been doing well lately, it probably needs a bath.  Keeping the vacuum cleaner clean will bring great convenience to cleaning.

1.Unplug the vacuum cleaner.  Make sure your vacuum cleaner is turned off before you clean it.

2.Remove wand and hose.  Loosen the joint between the two hoses and remove the wand from the hose.  Then remove and remove the hose.

3.Clean wand and hose clogs.  Gently remove any sticky material from the blockage. Wash the wand and hose with warm soapy water and let dry.

4.Remove the cleaning head and brush.  There is a large amount of hair and debris inside the cleaning head and brush stick. Follow instructions to remove the cleaning head and brush stick, wash and dry.

5.Clean the brush lever.  Remove the bottom plate and remove any hair and debris from the brush and the connection between the brush and the vacuum cleaner.

6.Clean and dry before assembling.

7.Clear the blockage of the vacuum body.  Remove cyclone separator, inspect and remove debris.  Remove the internal hose, using your fingers to remove any debris in sight, and replace the internal hose shaft ring.

8.Open the transparent jar.  Push the cyclone release or latch on top of the can and gently pull the clear can out of the vacuum cleaner.

9.Remove filter A.  The cartridge has a catcher to hold the filter in place.  Take the strainer out of the tank, grab the top and pull it out.

10.Remove strainer B.  Filter B is located inside the ball, rotates counterclockwise, and then lifts it.

11.Clean the filter.  Don't add any soap or detergent to your filters, don't dispose of them in any type of washing machine or dishwasher, and only rinse your filters with running water about 10 times.

12.Let the strainer dry for 24 hours.  Place both filters in a room with warm, well-ventilated air.  If you still feel damp after 24 hours, wait until they dry before putting them back in your vacuum.  Don't try to speed up the process by putting them in a hair dryer, using a hair dryer or holding them near an open flame, which will damage your filter.

13.Put the filter back in the vacuum.

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