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How to Clean a Vacuum HEPA Filter?

How to Clean a Vacuum HEPA Filter?


Those who have a robotic vacuum , they must learn how to clean the HEPA filter without damaging it. Here's how to go about it.
First, one has to determine whether the filter is washable or not (usually indicated on the label). Why's that? Well, most HEPA filters are made of fibers, and using water might damage the fibers which are responsible for trapping the tiny particles.

With that out of the way, here's how to go about the cleaning.

First, get the vacuum outside and make sure that all the tools are in place. The tools one gets should coincide with the type of filter a vacuum has (washable or non-washable).

Here's how to clean a washable vacuum filter.

  1. Unscrew the vacuum cleaner to expose the filter

  2. Remove the filter from the vacuum

  3. Dip the filter in water that has a mild detergent, then wash it until it is clean

  4. Rinse it properly

  5. Leave the filter to dry completely. Why's that? A damp filter cannot operate effectively

Here are the basic steps on how to clean a vacuum with a non-washable filter.

  1. Remove the vacuum cleaner outside or place it in your preferred washing location

  2. Unscrew the vacuum to expose the filter section

  3. Remove the filter from the vacuum

  4. Get a brush and remove the excess dust and fluff from the outside part of the filter

  5. Take a thorough look to make sure that the filter is completely clean

Remember, the inside part of the filter will not require cleaning because it's usually clean. The cleaning needs to be done whenever one notices the filter is dirty. A vacuum with a clean HEPA filter will perform tremendously.

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