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How often should the filter be cleaned?

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-02-21

The first thing to say is, don't think that the cleaner you wash the filter, the better, and you can't rub it hard. The filter cotton is the most intensive place for physical filtration in the filter, and it is also the place where the nitrifying bacteria multiply and grow intensively. Therefore, it is recommended that the filter cotton should be cleaned less, only half of it is cleaned each time, and the other half will be cleaned next time, and the clarified water of the original tank should be used for cleaning. Do not use cleaning agents, let alone hot water, which will inhibit or collapse the nitrification system. And the filter cotton should not be changed frequently, Nali is also the home of nitrifying bacteria. It can be replaced according to the situation, and the residual residue after use for a long time will also affect the efficiency. It is recommended that you replace the filter cotton when it is really not in use (the filter effect is obviously not good). There is also activated carbon that will change the PH value of the water and affect the growth of beneficial bacteria, so it is best not to use it unless the water has an odor. An aquarist told me that his cotton was so dirty that it overflowed, and then he took a bucket of water that was replaced with the raw water in the fish tank and twisted it with his hands to wash off the dirt on the surface. I think this is good, in fact, as long as some fish attached to the filter cotton are washed away, and then the water permeability is increased.

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