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by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-07

Warm congratulations on the successful launch of the website!

Introduced foreign advanced technology and independently developed it, and launched a series of photocatalyst products, whose performance indicators such as nano-particle size, dispersion technology and photocatalytic rate have reached the international leading level. Participated in the drafting of 'National Photocatalyst Standard' and obtained 7 national patents.

Our company has been focusing on indoor air purification for nearly ten years, and has established a perfect system for treating both the symptoms and symptoms of the indoor environment. The team has established branches and partners all over the country and created many industry records and achieved many honors. The company takes continuous improvement of the indoor environment and the creation of a green and healthy space as its own responsibility, is committed to the development and promotion of products and application technologies in the field of indoor air purification, and provides customers with the best indoor air purification products and system solutions.

The company's main business includes: indoor air pollution control engineering services, sales of a series of light touch products, sales of new intelligent air purifiers and research and development and production of air filter materials. Z is a fast-growing high-tech enterprise, and we are giving back to the society with our sincere attitude! Letting everyone have the right to breathe fresh air is our consistent belief!

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