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Car filter replacement cycle, you must know

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-04

It is generally recommended that customers replace it every 15,000 kilometers. Vehicles whose air filters often work in harsh environments should be replaced no more than 10,000 kilometers. (Deserts, construction sites, etc.) The service life of the air filter is 30,000 kilometers for cars and 80,000 kilometers for commercial vehicles.

Filter requirements for automotive air conditioner filters

1. High filtration precision: filter out all larger particles (>1-2 um)

2. High filtration efficiency: reduce the number of particles passing through the filter.

3. Prevent early engine wear. Prevent damage to the air flow meter!

4. The pressure difference is low to ensure that the engine has the best air-fuel ratio. Reduce filtration losses.

5. Large filter area, high ash capacity and long service life. Reduce operating expenses.

6. Small installation space and compact structure.

7. High wet stiffness to prevent the filter element from being deflated and causing the filter element to be broken down.

8. Flame retardant

9. Reliable sealing performance

10. Cost-effective

11. No metal structure. It is environmentally friendly and reusable. Good for storage.

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