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Car air filter tips

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-05

Many private car owners do not pay enough attention to the maintenance of the air filter. When using the car air filter, some misunderstandings inevitably appear. The following is the summary of the air filter experts of Manhu. Mistakes that are prone to occur when using filters.

Do not pay attention to quality when buying air filters

Although many car owners now choose 4S stores when replacing air filters, but with the in-depth understanding of car structure , It is also very simple to replace the car filter by yourself, but whether you replace it in a 4S shop or replace it yourself, it will involve the purchase of a new air filter. However, at present, many car owners do not have a very correct understanding of the role of air filters, and often choose air filters with cheap prices and poor quality. The air filtration capacity of these poor quality air filters is average, especially for small Suspended particles, poor filtration ability, and poor physical stability, and long-term use will inevitably lead to a decline in the performance of automobile engines and a substantial increase in fuel consumption.

Remove the car air filter when using it

Some private car owners think that the car air filter does not work much. After a new car is used for a period of time, it is found that the air filter has been If it is completely blocked, simply remove the air filter and do not replace it. The result of this may not affect the performance of the car engine in a short time, but in the long run, the wear and tear of the car engine is very serious. Some data show that without the car air filter, the wear rate of the cylinder of the automobile engine will exceed eight times, the wear rate of the piston will exceed three times, and the wear rate of the piston ring will exceed nine times.

The maintenance of the car air filter is very rigid and not flexible.

And most private car owners also know the importance of replacing the car air filter, but when replacing the car air filter, However, because of the limitation of the car maintenance and operation manual, after the mileage provided by the guide, the car filter will be replaced. However, the amount of suspended particles varies with the level of urban pollution. If it is in a northern city with a heavier pollution level, the replacement and maintenance of the car air filter cannot simply be carried out according to the instructions. The state is obviously abnormal, so the maintenance cycle should be shortened and the quality of the car filter should be improved. This is the correct way of maintenance.

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