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Air purifier filter purification principle

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-03-01

Air purifier: also known as 'air cleanerProducts that can effectively improve air cleanliness are mainly divided into household, commercial, industrial, and building.

The commonly used configuration of household air purifiers is a three-layer filter.

The first layer: the primary filter, the precision of the primary filter is generally about 5-10 microns. The material generally has silver ion primary filter, PP material primary filter. The main function of the primary filter is to pretreat the large particles of air, hair, paper scraps, etc., to ensure a service cycle of the latter two filters. The primary filter can generally be washed directly with water, which can increase its use. life.

Second layer: HEPA filter, HEPA filter is the core of the filter, the removal of PM2.5 particulate matter is mainly solved by the HEPA filter. Due to the high density of HEPA, it can be Effective interception of particulate matter below 2.5 microns, allowing only gas molecules to pass through.

The third layer: activated carbon filter, since volatile gases such as formaldehyde and VOC can pass through the HEPA filter, if the gaseous substances are to be completely removed, only the activated carbon filter can be used for adsorption , Activated carbon is divided into coal carbon, coconut shell carbon, fruit shell carbon, GTF carbon, Calgon carbon, etc. The higher the adsorption point value of carbon, the stronger the adsorption capacity and the better the removal effect.

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