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Air filter replacement time

by:Blue Sky Filter     2022-02-25

For the air filtration equipment that is often used, there is a certain time limit, and the air filter is the core part that needs to be replaced frequently. We should understand the relevant knowledge of the equipment when using it, so that we can use it better .

1. Some experienced professionals have summarized some precautions for air filter replacement for us. The most important thing is that when the resistance of the equipment reaches 2--3 times of the initial resistance, it should be immediately Stop using and replace with a new air filter. Check the color of the filter material on the upper and lower wind sides of the equipment. If the color of the filter material turns black, it means that it should be replaced in time; the filter material that can be touched by hand on the air outlet side of the equipment should also be replaced if it feels that there is a lot of dust accumulation; record Each time the air filter is replaced, the best cycle is summarized; when the equipment has not reached the final resistance, if the pressure difference between the clean room and the adjacent room has dropped significantly, it may also be the equipment. If the resistance is too large, it should be prepared for replacement; if the cleanliness in the clean room does not meet the original requirements, or if there is a negative pressure, it should be the same as the above situation, and it should be prepared for replacement.

Second, if it is an air filter used on the purification workbench, the replacement time can be selected through the prompt of the differential pressure gauge in the purification workbench; if it is an FFU fan filter unit, the replacement cycle It is decided by the prompt in the PLC control system.

Third, no matter what environment the air filter is installed in, we need to record its running time in detail, so as to serve as our replacement basis in the future.

Fourth, if it is under normal operating conditions, the service life of a high-efficiency air filter is generally more than one year; if it is a well-protected air filter, the service life can be as long as more than two years , Of course, this also depends on the quality of the equipment.

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